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Find a Better You with Denver Career Coach, Jan Shegda

Are you ready to become your most effective, efficient, and successful self? Are you seeking out a deeper level of fulfillment from your personal and professional life? Interested in learning more about how your individual personality style complements your work?

As a Denver Career Coach with years of experience in helping clients reach their maximum potential, I cannot wait to hear your story and explore how we can collaborate. The beauty of coaching is its mutual empowerment. As your coach, I do not succeed until we reach a place where you feel encouraged and empowered. Whether you have begun the process of becoming your most authentic self, or you are just now considering the steps you can take along the way, let me help. With years of experience in corporate and individual coaching, two Masters degrees, and certification in a slew of personality inventories, I cannot wait to use my experience to help you create your next adventure.

If you are curious about my individual coaching, business coaching, personality testing or speaking engagements, please explore further or get in touch.

Career Coaching Counseling Denver Colorado

Uncertain about how coaching might work for you? Sign up for a 30-50-minute free strategy session, providing you an understanding of potential next steps, how to change, and how I can help!


Career Coaching DenverCoaching is a highly personalized process. I work with clients who are seeking maximum fulfillment for their work and personal life. If you have ever questioned your current career path, wondered why your work is no longer fulfilling, or feel like you are failing to achieve your dreams, this process is right for you. In our coaching sessions, we are going to focus entirely on getting down to the root of the issue. By focusing on what is missing and how to reorient your life, we give you the tools to long-term success. The length of our coaching relationship may vary. Your first session, however, is always free.

Career Coaching Career Testing Over my career, I have received certification in administering the Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and StrengthsFinder personality assessments. When these inventories are used individually or as a collective, each exists as a powerful tool for enhancing your workplace potential. Personality assessments can be conducted in addition to a coaching program or as a one-time tool to teach you your greatest strengths. All personality assessments come with a consultation to discuss your results and best means of applying them.

Career Coach DenverAs a Denver Career Coach, my background has always been based on making my clients’ worlds better. With two masters degrees and years working with professional organizations such as Deloitte, my work has been tried and tested. My past also included working at a residential treatment center, guiding individual, group and family therapy. I have worked with countless clients, organizations, and teams. The end results? The unique combination of my counseling and coaching training makes me effective in collaborating with clients to reach their full potential.


Career Coaching Jan ShegdaCurious about the power of coaching? Interested in exploring what might be holding you back and how to reach your full potential? Still unsure if this is right for you but wanting to explore this tool?

Work with me today to create the better you tomorrow.