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I’m not where I’m supposed to be.


I’m not where I’m supposed to be.

Any of you out there ever had that nagging thought? I will raise my hand here. It is unsettling, particularly if you have it often. Most of us push it aside, keep moving along doing what we had been doing and hoping it all will work out in the end.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? Imagine if you had a comprehensive knowledge of exactly what was “off” in your work or life and then had 1-3 small steps a week to change that. Voila! That is Clarity coaching.

It is all about tapping in to your own knowledge and intuition about your own life and career. What is it you really want out of work, or your life? Many answer that question “I don’t know” or “I have some idea but I have no idea how to get there”. That is where Clarity comes in. Here is the simple process:

Awareness- what is the “problem” you came in with today? Often the problem is what I described above, a vague knowledge that something is off. The bulk of a coaching session is spent on this step- sifting through all the information, thoughts and feelings the client has and together narrowing in on what is most important for today.

Reflection- Once we have identified the focus for our session, we dissect it. What contributes to this challenge? What must change for it to shift? What is required of the client for that to happen? What is required of others? What additional resources are needed?

Action- This is the shortest phase of the session. From our discussion we decide on 1-3 action items to be completed in the next week. Sometimes that action item is something as simple as taking time to think through options. It may be taking a direct and focused action in the workplace or at home. Most importantly, the action steps come from the client. They should be empowering and not feel like a joyless to do list.

I’ve found that this process does wonders in putting clients back in the driver’s seat of their own lives- which results in increased centeredness, greater success at work and generally happier people. Does anyone come to mind that might benefit from more of that? Perhaps that person in your life who seems to be wandering and unsure? Maybe that person is you. I’d love to help.


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