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1 Rule for Enneagram 4s


Last week’s blog was advice to people who know 4s, this week is for the 4s themselves. I will keep it simple with just 1 rule.

Don’t self destruct.  The classic defense mechanism for 4s is introjection. This means in fear that others may criticize them, 4s will condemn themselves first before others have a chance. A strange idea isn’t it? It feels safer though to live under your own self judgment than open yourself up to the judgments of others.

Every 4 has a creative genius inside them wanting to come out. 4s often believe that cultivating their creativity and exploring their feelings will bring that genius out, and that definitely is helpful. However, for most 4s the self development they really need isn’t around exploring their feelings and coming to resolution. It is finding a way to not turn those feelings against themselves.

For the 4s out there, what would happen if you directed your energy to being kind to yourself, instead of trying to make yourself live up to your own expectations?


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