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Overcommitment! Plight of the Enneagram 6


The great thing about Enneagram 6s is how consistent and loyal they can be. Every strength has a shadow side though- and in this case it is getting stuck in situations and with people that drag the 6 down. Here are just a couple tips of things to consider if you find yourself in that place.

Take your time before committing. Remember- you don’t owe this person or organization anything yet. You are considering your options, and being wise about who/what you commit to doesn’t make you disloyal. Honor your inner knowing.

Don’t suffer in silence. If a person or organization is destructive for you, address that. Sometimes this may mean you leave it. Again, this does not mean you are disloyal. It means you are standing up for the truth that this person/group hurts people and you aren’t going to support that.

Remember- one of the messages of the Enneagram is that whatever you’re looking for, you’ve already got it. As a 6 you don’t have to try hard to be loyal and faithful, it is in your DNA. You can breathe and let go.


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