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The Serenity Prayer- Good Medicine for Enneagram type 1s


God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

1s are the true perfectionists of the Enneagram. They feel out of sorts when things aren’t as they should be. In fact, “should” is the 1’s best friend and worst enemy. It is important to them to do things correctly and like all of us, their greatest strength is also what holds them back. The “should” that 1s live by also can keep them stuck in a cycle of always striving and never quite getting it right. 1s often develop body tension, particularly in the neck and shoulders, which heightens under stress.

What 1s need more than anything is to learn to let go and relax. That isn’t easy because letting go can feel like abandoning their principles in one way or another. If you are holding on to a principle that is causing you additional stress, ask yourself “how does this serve me?”.

A couple suggestions for 1s to grow:

  1. Notice when you feel irritable or frustrated. This is usually a sign that you are trying too hard, or holding on too tightly to your standards. Use it as a sign you need to let go, and breathe.
  2. Engage play. Have some fun! This is likely a muscle that is underdeveloped, and you need to reenergize just as much as the next person. Fun is the antidote for your stress and tension.

1s make the world go ‘round, without their eye for detail and correctness nothing would run quite as it should. Celebrate the 1 in your life today!


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