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Connecting to Your Body’s Wisdom- Advice for Enneagram 5s


The 5 is the true genius of the Enneagram, the expert who prizes knowledge and depth of understanding beyond all else. 5s (along with 4s and 9s) are withdrawn types. This means that when under stress or faced with difficulty, the first instinct is to take a step back and evaluate versus jump into action. The strength of that approach is depth of insight; on the downside it carries along with it a disconnection from the body and physical environment. Most 5s tend to minimize the wisdom and input received from their physical bodies as a result of overvaluing other forms of knowing.
Many 5s report that understanding their own physical body and environment enriched their depth of understanding and groundedness in a way unlike other approaches. Some suggestions on how to get into the body:
Turn your power of insight to the physical world. Engage the senses, journal or meditate on what you find.
In decision making, check in with your body. What does it feel about different courses of action? It may know something your mind and heart do not.
Find a place to engage your body and let your mind go. This could be something like freestyle dancing, sports or exercise. Get acquainted with your body and all it has to offer you and your depth of knowledge. Be aware of your temptation to learn how to dance by reading about it- push yourself to learn to dance by dancing!
The true strength of the 5 is the mind. Incorporating body knowledge will not change that strength, it will only enhance it!

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