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Inspiration- Through Career? For Enneagram 7s


We all know and love Enneagram 7s for their zest for life and lighthearted sense of adventure. The career space for 7s can be difficult for a few reasons. First, 7s are naturally talented people that usually are good at a lot of different things. When you are pretty good at just about everything, it can be challenging to figure out what to narrow in on. It is sometimes easier to do whatever you can be successful at.

The second reason is that the Sevens are often interested in what is new and exciting, and can skip from one project or career that captures their interest to another. This can cause the Seven to be a jack of all trades without ever having narrowed in on what makes them come alive. They may not be interested in putting in the hard work to truly specialize in one area.

The third reason is that as time goes on if the Seven doesn’t find inspiration at work (perhaps because they haven’t found what they truly love) they increasingly look for meaning outside of their job. There is nothing wrong with that of course as long as it is in balance, but if it goes on the Seven may come to believe that work is only a place to suffer through in order to make real life possible. Escapism and increasing dissatisfaction may follow.

So, how can work be a place of excitement and inspiration for Sevens? Here are a few things to focus on.

  1. Go deep, not just wide. Notice your tendency to get involved with something new versus learning more about what you are currently working on. Put in the hard work to develop the skills and expertise you have.
  2. Invest in yourself- figure out what you really like not just what you can be good at. This goes for choosing jobs as well, be realistic about what you will be happy doing long term. If you are unclear about exactly what may be the best fit for you, a career coach can help.
  3. Seek out inspiration. Sevens need inspiration, it is what feeds them and keeps them going. Go one level below what is fun and experience inspiring activities. Make them a priority!


Sevens thrive on inspiration and not all have learned how to get that through work. We all spend such a large percentage of time at work, it should be something you love! This is particularly true for Sevens because if they are stuck somewhere doing something that doesn’t inspire them, they begin to shrink over time. Love the Seven in your life- help them find a place where they can recharge their batteries and find inspiration.


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