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Time Management for Enneagram 9s


Most of us know the Enneagram 9 as the peacemaker, the steady and accepting personality. One of the reasons they have these traits is that they tend to think the best of the world around them. Optimism and positivity are key to their perspective- they expect the best of people and situations and when planning ahead they assume that all will go as well as possible.

A potential down side to this way of thinking is being blindsided by problems, and unprepared when things go wrong. 9s can have a reputation for not being timely with appointments or projects and if that happens, it is usually due to this quality. It is not that they don’t respect the importance of the meeting or task, on the contrary they are usually quite committed to its success. It is because they have underestimated the time and resources necessary to complete the project, or to arrive at a specific time. Below are a few tips for 9s on time management. Remember 9s, the most important reason for time management is to communicate respect to the people and groups you are connected to!

 1.    Keep a 1 day time log- track how long tasks actually take. Do you really take 10 minutes to shower in the morning, or is it more like 20? Can you respond to the morning email messages in one hour, or does it require more like 2 hours? Take one day as an example and record how much time is required for each task. You may be surprised.

2.    Estimate time- pessimistically. If you think it takes 10 minutes to drive somewhere under normal conditions, allow 20. If traffic or an accident slow your progress, you then won’t be late. Ask a teammate about the length of time required for the project you are working on. This one is often more difficult for many 9s because it requires a more negative view of outcomes- something they may be uncomfortable with, or even idealistically opposed to.

Good time management starts with small changes. Experiment and see what works for you!


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