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Don’t worry, be happy: Resolving Conflict With The Positive Triad (2s, 7s, 9s)


Each of these types make up the Positive Triad, which describes how they approach a conflict. The strength of this triad is that they want to keep a good connection with whoever they are in conflict with, and work hard to maintain peace and happiness with that person. The way they predominantly like to resolve conflict is to find a way to reinterpret it positively and move forward, without delving too deeply into what may be painful.

The Positive Triad is uncomfortable with the darker sides of the discussion and so may not consider those darker pieces of information closely enough. Simply put, they may push to resolution without resolving the conflict fully.

Each of these types also struggles with their needs vs. the needs of others which is the hallmark of the triad. They get overwhelmed easily in conflict situations and the needs involved can seem to be too much. Each type has a particular set of needs that seem dark and overwhelming most, here is how it breaks down.

Two: Wants to focus on your needs, not their own. They will work hard to ensure that you feel ok and may neglect what they need in the situation, as their own needs seem too much to handle.

Seven: Thinks primarily of their needs and struggles to balance them with the needs of the other. May quickly be overwhelmed by the other person’s needs.

Nine: 9s feel overwhelmed both by their needs and those of the other person, and are hesitant to deal with either of them. They may feel powerless in a conflict situation if positivity does not resolve it.

You can offer this triad extra support by gently and slowly guiding them through the darker sides of the conflict, being sure the needs of both parties are discussed.

Focus on the strength of this triad- especially with minor conflicts, they are quick to move forward and connect with you without having to hash it out too deeply or in a destructive way. Honor their desire to keep that positive connection with you!


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