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Getting to the heart of it: Advice for Enneagram 3s


3s are those that seem to turn everything to gold that they touch. They are naturally poised, well spoken and efficient. They can sometimes get double the amount of work done that others can in the same amount of time. Their gift is for being effective and excellent at whatever they do, and as such are quite natural in work settings. The challenge for growth for the 3 is reconnecting to the heart- they are deeply emotional people but often keep those emotions out of their awareness because they get in the way of the task at hand.

Connecting to the heart is important because particularly for the 3, it is an underused source of information and inspiration. Action that flows naturally from a sense of the heart’s wisdom is ultimately more satisfying and renewing. Here are 2 simple tips to access the heart’s wisdom:

Place your hand over your heart. You can try this in meetings, while speaking, listening or reading. If you are concerned this could look strange- you will be surprised that actually most will not notice you are doing it. The act of your hand being over your heart will actually keep you connected to what it is telling you. Give it a try!

Notice what makes you happy and relaxed. Since 3s get so much accomplished, they often don’t slow long enough to notice what is enriching and gives them something back. Take a moment and pay attention. Which of your work or personal activities is less draining than the others, and leaves you with a sense of increased energy?

As a 3, your effectiveness is one of your greatest strengths. If that effectiveness is grounded in the heart, you will be even that much more so to an even wider audience.



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