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7 Career Fulfillment Killers- #2 Doing Something You Are Great At, But Drains You


This is a tricky one. Most of us learn early on to do what we are good at doing, and we usually get positive feedback and reinforcement from the people around us for these areas as well. What happens though if that task or job that you perform really well isn’t something you like very much? Is it a strength if you don’t always enjoy doing it?

Let’s talk about the definition of a strength. Is a strength defined as something you are good at? Actually, no. A strength, simply put, is something that makes you feel strong. Even if you aren’t perfect at it in the beginning, a strength is something that over time will give you more and more power, motivation, and energy back the more you do it. On the opposite side, what is a weakness? You guessed it, something that makes you feel weak. So those TPS reports you are fantastic at completing but don’t really like? Yep, a weakness.

So what to do if you’ve realized you’re working very successfully in your weakness areas? Here are a few tips.

Discover your strengths. What is it that makes you feel stronger the more you do it? These things may surprise you. Do some exploring on your own, or partner with a coach or counselor to do some temperament testing. Knowledge is power!

Find ways to incorporate your strengths more and more into your work life. This may mean asking your boss for additional responsibilities that line up with your strength areas. You may even discover someone else in the office who is doing tasks related to your strengths, and they don’t like those tasks. Perhaps they even really like those things you have to do that are weaknesses. Experiment with the possibilities here.

As much as is possible, release your weakness areas. This may take a bit of strategy on your part, because again it is likely there are other people who would love to see you do these tasks forever since you are good at them. There may be someone in your work environment who would like to be trained in these areas and you could transfer some responsibility to them. Think creatively about possible solutions.

Remember, a strength is something that makes you feel strong. If it doesn’t make you feel strong it is a weakness. Fill your work life with more and more strength!


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