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Career Fulfillment Killers- #3 Practicality


Practicality is the reason many of us work. We need to support ourselves, pay for our lives. Practicality is not a bad thing, it is an important thing and source of motivation. Sometimes though we get stuck in our current work- it pays the bills, and the time and effort required to do a full job search or career reinvention is more than we are willing to invest while working full time.

The unfortunate thing is that the longer you stay in an unfulfilling work environment, the less motivation you have to make a change. It can be so draining that every day you have less energy than you did the day before, all your effort goes to making it through the day.

I am here to tell you that is no way to live. You can find work that doesn’t deplete you. It is important to be responsible and cautious but there are times when that stands in the way of your life. Practicality, if exaggerated, can cause us to shrink and just go through the motions. If you find yourself in that situation, here are a couple of tips to break away from the down side of practicality:

Pursue what enriches your life. It is likely you won’t feel like it since all of your energy goes to your job, but you need to find somewhere that gives you some energy back or the depletion will continue unchecked. Find a hobby or regular activity that makes you feel alive.

Consider a leap of faith. If you are in a draining work situation where every day you wake up is more difficult than the day before, it might be worth making a change.  It can be terrifying to quit or walk away from something without a backup plan, but there are times that life demands it. You are more important than your work. You can plan an exit strategy to minimize fallout and backlash, but in the end do what you must.


Embrace the gift of practicality but if it is taking over, put it in its place!


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