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Career Fulfillment Killer #4- Lone Wolf Syndrome



We all have challenge areas, things that drain us and aren’t a strength. Every job has them, no one is great at everything! The Career Fulfillment Killer for this week is going it alone in those challenge areas, or Lone Wolf Syndrome.

Many of us are independent self starters, and we want to accomplish everything we can on our own. That is a good thing but it can be a strength overused. Suffering in silence with those tasks you don’t enjoy and are difficult for you will not only deplete you over time, it may impact your job performance. Besides, how tragic would it be for those tasks you don’t like to take all the energy you would normally devote on the tasks you love and make you shine at work?

So to overcome Lone Wolf Syndrome, here are some tips.

#1-Collaborate.  Difficult as it may be to believe, there is probably someone in your office or sphere of contacts that loves the tasks you hate. Get together with your colleagues and see if there is something they are looking to offload as well and brainstorm solutions. You may be surprised.

#2- Ask for help. If you are drowning under of stack of whatever-you-most-dislike, get some help. Ask your boss or supervisor if the work can be reassigned. Ask for outside resources or training to build your skills.

#3- Most importantly, don’t go at it alone. This is not the time for stoicism and determination. Get some support, in whatever form that takes.

We all need to reorganize or restructure our duties from time to time. Be your own advocate, don’t be a Lone Wolf.


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