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Career Fulfillment Killer #5- Working Your Dream Job, in a Nightmare Environment




This may be a smaller subset of people but there are those who have landed in a fantastic job for them, but their company or job environment is toxic. There can be a reluctance to mess with a somewhat good thing, since you’ve gotten the toughest part right. The sad truth is even if you are doing exactly what gives you most joy and fulfillment but are doing so in a destructive and chaotic setting, it affects you the same as a career that is all wrong for you.


What to do if you like the actual work you do, but nothing else about going to work? Try these tips.



Be vocal with those you trust at work that have power to change the environment. If your boss has the ability to tweak things here or there that could significantly improve your experience, respectfully ask for them.


Extend Your Network

You have an advantage that you are already in the industry you want. Pay special attention to the quality of your relationships both within your company and with your other colleagues. Even if there are no openings in the companies of those you work with on a regular basis, those individuals will be well positioned to understand exactly what kind of work you are looking for.


Build Your Resume

What have been your successes in this current role? What have your main areas of responsibility been? Update your CV to reflect what you’ve achieved, and turn your attention to ways you might build your experience and accomplishments.


It may seem daunting, but finding a job that is a great fit for you is most of the battle, this is just the final step. Manage around the environmental challenges and increase your career fulfillment!


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