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Career Fulfillment Killer #6: Having Poor Boundaries



An unfortunate reality in many of our work situations is that we must teach others how to treat us. If we are always eager to please and never say no, we may be taken advantage or even overlooked professionally. This isn’t always done with bad intentions on the part of our bosses and coworkers. Often it is a case of the path of least resistance, wherever the work can be offloaded quickly is where it goes.


This can be a career fulfillment killer for a few reasons. First is that it may put more on your plate than you can handle with your available work hours. Second, it can erode the respect between you and coworkers. If you don’t communicate what you can and can’t do at work, you may get spread too thin or involved with projects that aren’t in your strength areas.


So how to address a potential boundary problem?


Take an honest inventory of what you can and can’t do. Many of us in a desire to be helpful, don’t consider our own limitations and capabilities. This is essential information to have if we are to achieve a fulfilling work situation. Understand what is within your skill set and what may be with a little skill building.


Practice saying no. in many workplaces, you will be given as much work as you allow to be placed on your desk. No one knows the limitation of your time or talent like you do, be your own advocate. If completing that next extra project will make your other work as well as your outside life suffer, consider saying no.


Know what is within your power and what isn’t- you are worth it!


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