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Career Fulfillment Killer #7- Believing Fulfillment Doesn’t Matter


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The surest way to kill your career fulfillment is to believe it can’t be had. Many of us have been there, thinking being happy at work is a dream because we have never experienced it. It is hard work, sometimes like finding the right relationship. It can sometimes be easier not to hope or believe there is anything else out there- hope can be costly! I am here to tell you though that it is absolutely possible and there are those who have found it.


For those of you that are skeptical, you don’t have to believe it matters from the beginning. You may have had enough negative work experiences that it doesn’t seem possible to not dread your time spent working. That is perfectly ok, and this blog is for you! Here are a couple suggestions you might try:


Observe. Talk to people around you, and find out if they are happy at work. When you meet someone who is happy, ask questions to understand why. Learn about this different world they live in, and try to figure out what has contributed to that.

Consider the possibility that fulfillment is out there. Be willing to suspend your disbelief and open your mind to a different truth- gather information and see what that information tells you. It will either support your current opinion, or point to another way. Be open to learning what it may have to teach you.


Finding a career that is a good fit can take some extra time and attention, but it can be done!



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