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Holiday Stress Survival Tip #1- Reclaim Your Holidays


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The holidays are fully upon us- hard to believe! This is the time of year the invitations start rolling in for company year end get togethers, ugly sweater parties, and family shindigs. Depending what kind of culture or city you are a part of, your schedule of activities may look like anything from free spirited to frenetic.

Whatever makes its way into our holiday schedule may or may not be how we actually want to spend out holiday time. All of us start out following the holiday traditions of our families and environment (city and country) where we grew up. As we get older, our concept of holiday may largely stay the same, or may begin to shift a bit. What happens if what seems to enrich us during this season is not part of the family or cultural norm?

It may not be smiled upon in your family or neighborhood to decidedly go your own way to celebrate the holidays. You can have both, it all starts out by understanding what happy holidays means to you.

Decide what you want your holidays to be about. Take a moment and think or write stream of consciousness. Are your holidays about spiritual peace and enlightenment, reconnecting to loved ones, rest and rejuvenation? Notice what comes to mind without making a value judgment of it.

Evaluate your calendar. You may find out that your calendar is very rest and rejuvenation heavy, but you want it to focus more on time connecting to loved ones or vice versa. Make adjustments where possible, and where necessary, until your holidays include activities that will renew you.

Tis the season, so make it the kind of season you need this year!


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