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Holiday Stress Survival Tip #3- Check Your Expectations



Now that the main events of December are fast approaching, if you are anything like me you may let your excitement get the best of you. I couldn’t possibly count the number of events I have ruined for myself by expecting them to be something different than they ever could have been. Anyone relate? My personal key to success is this survival tip #3- check your expectations. This means not only being aware of what you want to have happen, but what is reasonable to expect, and how to negotiate any space in between.

Here are the two steps to a painful expectation free holiday:


Identify your baseline expectation. What is the bare minimum for you to enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration, for example? Maybe you’d love a swanky party where you can dance all night surrounded by your favorite people. Maybe though, a glass of champagne at midnight and watching the ball drop is all you really need to happily ring in the new year. That would then be your baseline expectation, try to make it the only expectation you keep.


Speak your mind. If it is really important and meaningful for you to attend a particular event or celebrate with a particular tradition, make it known. Others may not have the same needs and desires as you, and may not be centering the celebrations with your wishes in mind. They might appreciate the feedback about how best to co-create a meaningful holiday.

Stay tuned for our final stress survival blog next week, see you then!


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