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Holiday Stress Survival Tip #4 – Let Go and Be Present



Hopefully for most of us, things are beginning to slow down. Many of our coworkers have left for their winter holiday from work, the office is quieter and the list of parties left to attend is beginning to dwindle. At least, most will have Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off coming up. You’ve almost made it!

Before you can enjoy it all however, there is one thing in your way. Despite what you may think it isn’t that last gift to buy, meal or treat to create, or greeting card to send. It is you. Your desire to please, your expectations of yourself, and your effort.

Now none of these are bad things, but there comes a time when good things become bad- because they get in the way of the best things. What you really need right now, I imagine, is some time with the people you care about, and some time to slow down and enjoy.

So on that note, just one tip for today.

Let it be enough. Whatever you had in mind may have been thwarted to one degree or another along the way. That is ok. It is enough- you are enough! Give your loved ones the gift of your presence, not your striving. Take a deep breath and let go.

Peace and joy be yours, see you in the New Year!


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