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New Year’s Resolution #1- Get Healthy



This is the time of year when many will be struggling to maintain those resolutions they made a week ago. Over the next 4 weeks I will be sharing my favorite resolutions and how to achieve them! Let’s begin with that most common of promises- to make this the year when those numbers on the scale change and we begin to look and feel our best.

The conventional wisdom for getting healthy is diet and exercise. That’s been covered by everyone else, so my message is a bit more global. Getting healthy doesn’t just mean looking your best, it means being more connected to your body in a positive way, respecting needs and reducing abuse. With that definition of health in mind, here are my two tips for getting healthy in the new year.

Listen to your body. There may be any number of messages your body is telling you. Sleep more, eat less, read non fiction, give me more comfortable shoes. Slow down momentarily and try to hear whatever those messages are that are trying to break through. Pick one and really listen.

Reduce pollution. Pollution has many forms- such as noise pollution when you work, sleep, eat, or get things done around the house. It may be excessive multitasking. It certainly could also be toxins that you put into your body through what you eat, breathe, drink, or touch. Maybe even as literal as a home that could use a bit less clutter and a bit more vinegar and water.  A pollution free (or reduced) life is one that is more present and ultimately effective and we all know how stress affects the body- not in good ways. Where is the excess pollution clogging your world?

Join me and let’s get healthy in 2014- starting with some new and kinder rules!


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