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New Year’s Resolution #2- Improve by 1%



A friend sent me this article recently,, which goes into detail about how change happens incrementally. Big change is the result of small, seemingly insignificant changes. I think most of us know and believe this- that it is the little things that count. How do we tend to react though when our small efforts don’t produce big results?

If you are anything like me or my clients the reaction is the same-frustration and discouragement. This is natural but with enough frustration and discouragement there is increasing temptation to give up prematurely. When you don’t see the impact your efforts are making, you are much more likely to quit. We are half way through January now which means many of us are losing steam on those resolutions we set. How to keep the ball rolling in the right direction? Follow these 2 tips.


Start small. What is one thing you know you can change, commit to, and maintain? I’ll give an example. A goal I have is to wear athletic shoes when I know I am going to be walking for long periods during a day, versus wearing high heels or some other type that don’t make my feet very happy. The goal isn’t to never wear high heels again (not happening), but only to make a kinder choice when possible and I know ahead of time. This sounds like (and is) a small change, but I already see the results in how *less* angry my feet are. The change you choose must be small enough for you to be able to do it with not much effort, most of the time.


When overwhelmed, repeat step 1. Most of us aren’t very good at setting small goals. The way to tell if a goal is not small enough? If you are struggling to achieve it. Losing weight is a massive goal, but what about eating one fresh vegetable a day? Sounds better. If you aren’t doing well with the goal you have, chances are it is too big and you aren’t quite ready for it yet. Go back a step and let all those 1% gains catch up. You may be ready for that goal in a bit.


Little changes are underrated and have a big impact. Change your life by doing the smallest thing you can think of and do it consistently!


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