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New Year’s Resolution #3- Receptive Not Reacting



This resolution may not have made it onto as many lists, but it is an important one. Receptive not reacting simply means living in a truly calm and centered way, with your actions not being dictated by what is happening around you. This is the antidote to what I call “monkey mind”. Imagine a monkey swinging from tree to tree- monkey mind puts us in a posture of always reacting to events instead of choosing our responses. It sets off a domino effect- stimulus and then response without any chance for choice in between. When we get stuck in monkey mind, we are not truly listening to self and others, and our lives just happen to us.

Here are some tips:

Take a breath and pause. Let whatever happened sink in for just a moment. Those few extra seconds are a luxury, enjoy them. If something negative pops up when you pause, stick with it for just a second or two longer than you normally would.

Consider at least 2 options of what to do next. Think them through with their strengths and challenges.

Choose with your eyes wide open. Moving away from monkey mind gives us more presence and centeredness, better relationships with others, and lower anxiety.  Let me know how it is shifting for you!


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