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Conscious Spirituality #1- What is Conscious Spirituality?


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When I say conscious, I mean spirituality with intention, with purposefulness, and with eyes wide open. Too often, like in our jobs and our personal lives, we get into a rut or routine with our spirituality and it begins to lose its impact. A state of being conscious returns to a place where our decisions come naturally from what we truly want.

It is important to notice I am not saying to just try harder. To be conscious requires listening more than trying. If you listen well, your next step will become clear and won’t feel like work. This is the key, as all striving leads to the same place of burnout and frustration. Some of us are better at functioning in that reality than others, but it is good for none of us.

In spirituality as in other areas in our lives, when we are growing we are at least a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes a lot uncomfortable. If everything seems smooth and easy in your spiritual life, chances are growth is not present.

First two steps to conscious spirituality? Start here.

Listen. What is missing in your spiritual life? Perhaps people to share it with? Depth? Knowledge? A felt experience of God? A spiritual life, period? Take a moment and see what surfaces.

Get uncomfortable. This doesn’t require you to throw yourself into something terrifying- remember the principle of 1% improvement. Take the first step.

I’m curious what comes up for you with this exercise, feel free to share!


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