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Conscious Spirituality #3- Connect The Body


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You may not think of the physical body when it comes to spirituality, but the truth is it is vitally important in our connections to God and those around us. I find myself in the category of people that tend to forget this- as if I am a heart and mind roaming the earth without a body at all. The mind body connection is so strong that any change to one will inevitably affect the other. Why then do we not think about our bodies and how they might be involved in our spirituality? Could it be that leaving our bodies out of the conversation negatively impacts our relationship with God?

It may feel a bit awkward to try to involve your body at first, but the goal here is to at least start paying attention. Awareness that you have left out one of the key players is a great place to start. Here are two tips to connect to the body in spirituality.

Notice. When you think about or or pursue spirituality, what is happening in your body? Is it relaxed or tense, engaged or defensive? What messages are you being sent that you may not have listened to?

Experiment. Find a way to include your body in your spiritual pursuits. Perhaps that is doing your prayer time during your morning run, using a body prayer pose (those of you who have done Enneagram work with me may remember the pose for your type), reading, studying or listening to music with a different body position.

I’d love to hear what creative ideas you are experimenting with!


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