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Conscious Spirituality #4- Open the Heart


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We can all get in a rut and lose touch with what it is we really want. This includes the spiritual sphere. We may go through the motions without really feeling the effects of our efforts. On the other side, we can get hooked on the highs that can accompany spiritual experiences without really engaging at a deeper level. This can seem like our hearts are engaged but they may not always be.

To open our hearts in spirituality we have to own up to what it is we really want. Often our true desires are clouded by shoulds, no-nos, or having “learned” by experience that what we want just isn’t available to us. Each of these shut us off from our emotions a bit at a time, causing us to perform, go through the motions, or disengage completely.

To open the heart center in spirituality, start with 2 simple steps.

Reconnect to desire. Your passions will point you to what makes you feel alive and this strengthens the heart. Spend some time and consider- what is it you really truly want in your spiritual life/relationship with God? Allow yourself to feel that desire. Write about it. Draw a picture. Create a vision. Know through all your senses what that “want” really is.

Choose one concrete action that will engage that desire. If you wrote down “I want to know if God is really there”, an action might be to look for God. You might do that by asking God to make themselves known to you, or maybe it would be to interview some people you know about their thoughts on the topic and why. Get creative, there are as many possible actions as you can brainstorm.

I don’t always share my personal experiences with the blogs I write, but this is a funny one so I think I will. In doing this exercise for myself, the desire that came up for me is that I want to know if God is pleased with my work. My concrete action is that for the next week any time I finish a project (or a blog, or a speaking engagement, or a session), I’m going to invite whatever commentary God may wish to give on that work.

That’s all for this week. So God, anything to say?




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