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Productivity #1- Set a “You” Meeting


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This series is going to be all about how to spend more time on what matters, minimize distractions and eliminate wasted energy. To begin, the first thing that needs to happen for productivity to thrive is for there to be a plan. This is what I call the “You” meeting.

The “You” meeting is a brief time (15 minutes is usually plenty) to review what that day asks of you and set your intention for the day. The reason it works is that without some structure or focus, distractibility increases, as well as an underlying experience of anxiety or uncertainty. Going about your day with that distractibility and uncertainty running in the background reduces your available energy.

How to get started with a “You” meeting habit:

Get up 15 minutes earlier. Most of us, regardless of the stress and pressure we have to face, can afford to sacrifice 15 minutes of sleep to achieve more focus, productivity and fulfillment. Try it out for a week before you decide if it is worth it.

Spend that 15 minutes on a “You” meeting. Ask yourself two questions- what tasks do I need to accomplish today? Then question #2- what do I want to be about today? This may or may not relate to the tasks on that list. For example, if you are a parent at home with small children, you may have many household management duties on your list and those are the answer to question #1, but the answer to question #2 is: I want to be about providing structure for my children and still loving them where they are at.

Make your answer to question #2 your mantra for the day. Live from that purpose, and the productivity will flow.



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  1. Cara
    April 12, 2014 at 7:32 am (4 years ago)

    this series has totally been created for me! I can’t wait to read what else you have to say about it…

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