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Productivity #2- Identify Your Productive Time




We are all different, and so are our productivity meters. Some of us have the most creativity energy first thing in the morning. Others experience that in the late afternoon, or perhaps late in the evening. Whatever your natural rhythm is, don’t fight it. Learn to work with it and maximize your productivity.

Our work related enthusiasm and energy can ebb and flow. We may not often consider that we can harness and protect the time that gets us the best results. Working primarily during our peak moments gets us better results with less effort, and can increase our productivity overall because we experience more moments of success.

Here’s how to get started:

Identify your style. Notice when during the day you tend to feel most motivated, and efficiency comes more easily. Introverts tend to be morning people, extraverts are often afternoon or evening people as well as morning people. Pay attention to when you are most energized.

Know what energizes you, and build it in to your productivity time. Some extravert clients of mine have their best creative ideas, insight, and bursts of efficiency after having a long conversation with friends or coworkers. Social interaction stimulates them to be more productive, so we have worked to integrate social interaction with their productivity times. The opposite may be the case for introverts. Often what inspires them is a quiet, harmonious place to work surrounded by their favorite things.

Protect your productivity time. Close your email if you are working on a separate project. Turn your phone off. Give yourself the gift of that 1-2 hour window where you are at your best- and direct that energy to those tasks that require your best.

I’d love to hear what you have discovered about your peak productivity times!


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