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Productivity #5- Keep Tasks Small



Productivity can be killed by the “big project”. Most of us have one on our desk at any given time. The project just sits there laughing at you and whispering about how much effort is required to really complete it. You feel overwhelmed, avoidant, and frustrated, and maybe a little down.

The enormous task on my desk right now is a full marketing review. It is a colossal project, so many online accounts and web pages to reword and update. It also includes reviewing all of my print marketing and materials and bringing them in line. Where to begin with this overwhelming work?

Here is how to tackle the monster project:

Turn it into at least 10 tasks. Reduce it to the pieces that make it up. If a certain piece still feels overwhelming, find a way to reduce it again. One task can always be broken down into a smaller chunk and that makes it more manageable.

Get support. It might be worth it to hire a professional, invite a friend, or enlist a colleague’s help with your monster. You don’t have to go it alone. An accountability partner like a coach or a close friend will make things go more smoothly as well.

Take the first step. It is always the hardest, as they say! Pick up one of the pieces you broke the project into and just start moving. You can conquer!

What is the big project on your desk right now?


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