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Overcoming Fear and Anxiety- Procrastination



master procrastinor

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So, the reason I am talking about procrastination under the header of fear and anxiety is that for a lot of people, fear is at the root of why they procrastinate. Now, this isn’t true for everyone, and I have a previous blog about procrastination generally which you can find here. That blog takes you through the steps to feel what you are trying to avoid, and thus address the procrastination.

If you are aware that fear specifically is at the root of your tendencies to postpone, here’s what to do.

Be afraid. It is just an emotion, it does not define you or limit your possibilities. Don’t fight your fear- doing so is fighting yourself. Allow yourself to feel it.

Fact check. Get clear about what is making you anxious, and do a bit of research about how likely that scenario is. If it isn’t really very likely, excellent! That may free up some of your energy. If the negative outcome is quite likely, consider the possibility that your fear is telling you something important and take notice.

Theme for this series- take the first step. This is where your intuition comes in. What is the first step in facing that fear for you? You might need to express it through tears, or talk it through with someone close to you, or admit that it is anxiety holding you back. Take the first step.

My first step is usually admitting I am afraid of something, and then I can deal more effectively. What is yours?


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