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MBTI Temperaments- NF (Idealist)


Who are they?

The Idealist or NF group is the third largest in the US, and these are abstract cooperative people. This means they look at the meaning behind a set of data, and want to use it to better people and the world. Idealists are true to their name, they want to live out a set of ideals in the world. Typically these ideals include things like love, meaning, healing, knowledge, growth, art, and spirituality.

Idealists live for connection. They want to go deeper with others, with God, and themselves, and often they want to facilitate a better relationship between all three. They may or may not be artistic, but all NFs have a creative bent to them.

What is a typical career pattern?

Idealists usually start out in a more conventional career path in their younger years. As time goes on they feel more of a pull to do their work, which usually has more of a creative edge to it. An exception to this rule would be the NFs who are artists, these NFs seem to find themselves and their niche earlier than other NFs.

How can I build connection?

Go deep, and share things with them that they find meaning in. Many NFs love activities like going to museums or films, long deep conversations, multicultural experiences, personal or spiritual growth seminars, and participating in political or environmental causes. NFs also have quite a depth of feeling, and generally enjoy talking about those feelings.

What should I not do?

Don’t ask them to be anyone else than who they are, or play a role. Most NFs feel a lot of pressure to conform (remember, they are abstract cooperative) and can feel the lack of connection when they don’t conform. Allow them the space to be themselves. Recognize and affirm their special gifts.

Tip of the day:

Be yourself. There is only one you, and the world needs you. Do the work you are here to do, and find people that will support you in doing so.

For the NFs out there, I am curious- what has been most helpful to you in your journey?


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