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MBTI Temperaments- NT (Rational)


Who are they?

The NT or Rational group is the smallest of the four, and they are the abstract utilitarians. They look at what is behind a set of data and use those principles to find creative solutions. This makes them strategists, engineers, and process minded individuals. They also have the highest average IQ of the four groups. They easily grasp complex ideas and want to understand the world, making an innovative impact.

NTs are highly individualistic. They are driven by logic and facts and use their strong minds to relate to others and the world. Their mission is to make their way in the world the most pragmatic way possible, and to live a life governed by reason and good logic.

What is a typical career pattern?

NTs typically excel in their chosen professions, as they are intelligent and hardworking. Often however, they run into trouble for political reasons. Their competence is not in question, but they either rub coworkers the wrong way or don’t make the personal connections necessary to advance. Typically if an NT is stalled in their profession, it is because their social skills or EQ (Emotional Quotient) needs development. NTs often gravitate towards careers in science, technology, research and strategy.

How can I build connection?

Share information. Discover what the NT is interested in (usually these subjects have to do with science, technology, politics, or innovation), discuss it, research it, and share in the NT’s exploration of that topic.

What should I not do?

Don’t focus on society norms or shoulds. Don’t overwhelm with emotion or drama.

Tip of the day:

Find new points of connection. Gather information from your body and your heart, not only from your mind. Find a way to be in the world where you truly integrate all three.

What stands out to you most about NTs?


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