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MBTI Temperaments- SP (Artisan)


Who are they?

The SP or Artisan group is the second largest in the US, but even as the second largest they are less than half the size of the SJ (Guardian) group. Artisans are concrete and utilitarian, meaning they look to their world for data about what is real and tangible, and then they get creative with that data. Typically using their bodies in one way or another, Artisans tinker and experiment to figure out what works. They may do this as a pilot, actor, mechanic, athlete, vocalist, or salesman, but wherever they do it they rely on their improvisation, people skills, and quick thinking to adapt as needed.

Artisans live for fun and excitement. A motto for them could be “eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die”. An SP wants to truly live and live to the fullest, so is very sensitive to any restriction of their freedoms or choices. They want to experience all that life has to offer.

What is a typical career pattern?

A typical career pattern for an SP usually includes a lot of changes. They can get bored easily and need to move on to the next opportunity. They may also make radical shifts across careers and disciplines, going from one totally different industry to another. The challenge for the SP is to find a career or industry that will allow for the freedom to reinvent within it, instead of always needing to change to something new. SPs are personable and likeable and so often have customer facing roles in the business world as salesmen or client managers.

How can I build connection?

Join the fun! Stay activity driven, and share the SPs lust for life. If you come alongside as a playmate and partner in crime, that is where SPs build intimacy.

What should I not do?

Restrict them in any way. SPs need freedom and space to roam and are quite individualistic. Trapping them in one place or situation too long will become a stress point, allow them the opportunity to blow off some steam.

Tip of the day:

Go deeper and create a working life plan. Yes as an SP you want to live a full and happy life, but perhaps the best way to do that isn’t only to seize the moment. Consider setting some longer term goals that will ensure you have the life you want.

I’d love to hear from you out there in the comments, what do you think stands out to you most about SPs? Or if you are an SP, what is the best part about it?


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