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3 Steps To Finding Your Life’s Purpose


Finding your life’s purpose isn’t easy, but it can be simple. Follow these steps to discover what will be most fulfilling in your life, and what you live for.

Make the question a priority. What is my life’s purpose? The more you ask it, the sooner you will find it. Spend time talking it over with friends, family, a coach or therapist, God, yourself. Yes- talking to yourself about this can be a really effective exercise! I know I know, it gets frustrating to ask a question you don’t know the answer to, but it is so worth it. Collect information about what you know it isn’t, and what you maybe think it could be. Stay curious, stay engaged.

Get information.¬†Pursue your education in your own life’s purpose. Attend seminars, check out books or podcasts, get some personality testing, learn the way that is best for you. Personality testing is my personal favorite for this, because it can help identify what you are good at, what you want out of life, and what career would be most fulfilling for you. Often you have a sense of these concepts already and personality tests provide the framework to understand them. Tests like the MBTI, Enneagram and Strengthsfinder will shed light on what your path in life might be, and can give you a language for what the deeper parts of you already know to be true. Something concrete like a personality measure can bring into focus what up until then was unformed in the back of your mind.

Chase what makes you come alive, and be a student of the experience. Does your heart soar when you are around animals? What about speaking to a packed auditorium? Perhaps helping someone in need fills you with joy? Consider keeping an “aliveness” journal and record those moments. You might be surprised at what patterns emerge.

Next- repeat! Look at your aliveness journal and keep asking the question. Keep pursuing information. Finding our calling isn’t an easy task, but it starts with seeking it out. What has been the biggest “alive” moment you have had in your life thus far?


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