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Phobic vs. Counterphobic 6s


This blog is in response to a question I got recently- what is the difference between phobic and counterphobic 6s? This refers to how the person deals with their characteristic passion- which for the 6 is fear or anxiety. Even though we generally think of these terms about 6s, all of us have some fear within us, which means we all tend to be either phobic or counterphobic in how we approach that fear.

When say that a particular 6 is a phobic 6, all that means is they have more phobia than counterphobia. All 6s have both phobic and counterphobic traits, it is more about the balance of these traits. If a person is more prone to be phobic most of the time, we say they are a phobic 6. If they are counterphobic most of the time, we say they are a counterphobic 6.

Here is what the two types generally mean:

Phobic: Responding to fear by becoming fearful. Scanning the environment, vigilance, trying to create more safety- getting away from whatever is creating the fear. The vast majority of 6s are primarily phobic.

Counterphobic: Responding to fear by reacting against it or seeking it out. Essentially, counterphobics are afraid of fear, and so whatever they are afraid of they pursue. This helps them to reduce the amount of fear they experience (which is the true area of avoidance). While phobics move away from what makes them afraid, counterphobics move towards what makes them afraid.

The concept of phobic vs. counterphobic isn’t just for the 6s of the world. All of us have fear, and all of us deal with our fear in either a phobic or counterphobic way. Both appraoches have strengths and challenges. What is your tendency?


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