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Enneagram Style Speak: Style 9 The Peacemaker


Enneagram style speak- how do the different types communicate and want to be communicated with? This week we are discussing style 9- The Peacemaker. We will cover 1) how this style communicates at work and home 2) how to speak their language at work and home 3) what they need most from us.

Generally Style 9 communicates in a story format. They see connections that others may miss, and so they like to explore the whole story when they speak. They want to go where their minds take them and consider different ideas.

The best way to speak to a 9 is to join in their brainstorming and inner world. Mirror their style by joining them on the journey and not pressing for specifics or action steps. Draw out their preferences and thoughts, and help them to draw out the main points of those thoughts.

What they need most from you- they need you to listen. 9s spend a lot of time listening to others and focusing on their inner worlds. If/when they invite you into their inner world, it is important to respect that and pay attention.

Those of you out there that are style 9s or have to communicate with them frequently, any tips you would like to share?


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