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Enneagram Style Speak: Style 8- The Challenger


Enneagram style speak- how do the different types communicate and want to be communicated with? This week we are discussing style 8- The Challenger. We will cover 1) how this style communicates at work and home 2) how to speak their language at work and home 3) what they need most from us.

Generally Style 8 communicatesĀ in a direct and blunt way. They tend to construct an argument around a particular thought or concept and then communicate as if that is the one right way. They are no nonsense and to the point.

The best way to speak to an 8 is to be authentic. If you are phony or dishonest they will know it immediately, the more direct and to the point the better. Especially don’t be wishy washy or avoid taking a stand with your opinion, 8s respect strength and want to know what you are about.

What they need most from you is feedback. If their direct style has caused hurt or frustration, deliver that feedback in a caring way. 8s often don’t realize the effect their big energy has on others. Also, help them understand how best to communicate with you, if they see a more effective way they will usually make use of it.

Those of you out there that are style 8s or have to communicate with them frequently, any tips you would like to share?


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