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Enneagram Style Speak- Style 7 The Enthusiast


Each person desires to be understood but in order to do so we have to understand how each person communicates and how each person wants to be understood. The Enneagram is a great tool to help us with this. It lays out a foundation for every personality out there and gives clear direction on how to relate to and how best to communicate with each other.

Today in this video we explore the communication style of the Enneagram 7. How: 1). The 7 communicates at work and home; 2). How to speak their language of a 7 at work and home; and 3). What a 7 needs the most from us.  Watch the video for a detailed account of the communication style of the 7.

How the 7 Communicates and How to Speak Their Language

The way a Style 7 communicates is generally in an enthusiastic and animated style. They speak more quickly and loudly than most others do, as they are the style who are constantly juggling multiple things on their plate. Typically their speech is all about exploring possibilities, brainstorming, and positivity—they are curious creatures and ready to investigate at the drop of a dime. Expect a speech full with hand gestures or facial expressions, and usually a smiling quality to their voices. The best way to speak to a 7 is match their speed and enthusiasm. This may mean that you need to speak more quickly and with more animation, and allow yourself to be drawn in to their world of what could be. They want someone who won’t slow them or drag them down, so do all you can to avoid that.


What a 7 Needs Most From You

For a 7, companionship is what they truly are looking for. Since they have such a more rapid pace than most people and tend to move from one thing to the next, they often leave others behind. What they really desire is for you to be with them, a partner who can join in their exciting world. Sometimes this might call for you being equally matched in enthusiasm over an idea of theirs but helping them consider the viability of that particular idea. They may not think through the realistic requirements to make an idea become reality and this is where you can partner with them and walk them through this.

Those of you out there that are style 7s or have to communicate with them frequently, any tips you would like to share?


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