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Enneagram Style Speak: Style 2 The Helper


The way we communicate is a great indicator as to what Enneagram style we fall into. When vocalize our needs we tend to speak at a certain pace, inflect a certain emotion, choose gestures to match our communication, and have a certain tone and pitch to our voices–all in a way that generally fits into our type within the Enneagram.

Last week we talked about the Style 3 and how they are positive and forward moving when they speak, communicate about accomplishments and positivity, and are looking for someone on the receiving end to admire them. You can read more about that here.

Today in this video we explore the communication style of the Enneagram 2, The Helper. How: 1).The 2 communicates at work and home; 2). How to speak the language of a 2 at work and at home; and 3). What 2s need the most from us.  Watch the video for a detailed account of the communication style of the 2.

How the 2 Communicates

The way a Style 2 communicates is warm and engaging. They want to create a close connection with you whether in a personal or professional setting. They have an ear for what needs you may have that they could come alongside you and assist. They like to give advice and share resources. You may be able to recognize a 2 by how they start the conversation with you- it is not uncommon for them to begin by complimenting your looks, a past project or accomplishment, or tell a joke that will get you connected.

How to Speak The Language of a 2

To speak the 2’s language, share their values of warmth and connection. Share personal details and ask them for personal information as well. If you are at work, don’t focus only on work but also share other parts of your life. Allow your conversation to take a personal turn and be open to a more intimate communication exchange.

What a 2 Needs Most From You

For a 2 to thrive they need your help! A 2 has an enormous capacity to love and that love tank can get low sometimes. Notice how they are showing you attention and affirmation and give it right back to them. They may resist you at first, but persevere in your efforts to appreciate them and you may gain a friend for life.

Those of you out there that are style 2s or have to communicate with them frequently, any tips you would like to share?


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