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Enneagram 6 Social Variant


This week is another vblog by request- an introduction to style 6 The Loyalist with Social Variant dominant. If you would like to see an overview of style 6, check out the Style 6 Sexual Variant video, I’ve linked it at the bottom. Today’s video will include 1).Overview of Social 6, 2) Social 6 and Fear and 3) What a Social 6 needs most.  Watch the video for information on the social variant 6:

Overview of 6 Social Variant

The Social 6 is the most structured of the 6 variants and is primarily oriented towards creating tidy mental constructs for life. They are implementers, task oriented, and focused on efficiency and hard work similar to 1s and 3s. They want to align with the right social groups and ideologies and put considerable effort into discerning what those are.

6 Social Variant and Fear

The Social 6’s fear comes through as unwillingness to be unsure, particularly about the big questions of life. They want a process, a road map, and a mental construct regarding how to engage different challenges. They feel very uncomfortable if they aren’t decided on a particular issue. This could be understood as a fear of exploring, fear of learning as you go, and fear of not having the answers.

What a 6 Social Variant Needs Most 

The Social 6 needs to come back to the wisdom that their hearts and bodies have to offer, not just their intellect. Their experiences have just as much to teach them as their mental energy. To expand and grow, they need to access this information as well.

Any other unanswered questions out there? Feel free to comment below!


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