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Making Change Happen With The StrengthsFinder


This month’s blog series is in response to a common question I hear, which usually goes something like this. “Sooo…these personality results are great and all, but what do I actually do with them?” I’m so glad you asked! Today we will start with how to apply results of the Clifton StrengthsFinder, and the next two weeks we will discuss using the MBTI and Enneagram for change. Check out this video to learn how to use the StrengthsFinder for real life challenges:

I promised to do it in the video, so here is my email list signup. For more on using the StrengthsFinder for change, read on below….

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To use the StrengthsFinder for change, follow this process.

First, identify the problem. Are you unhappy in your work? Unsure how to engage a problem employee? Frustrated with your lack of progress in an area? Get clear on what the issue is you’d like to address.

Second, think through your top 5 strengths (or your team strengths), and select which one of them might help you. Usually whatever comes to the forefront of your mind is the one to go with.

Third, brainstorm how you could apply that specific strength to the problem. Could I use my Empathy or Input strength to make more sales? What about using Competition strength to build relationships? Yes, you can! Get with a coach, mentor, friend, or just a blank page and gather ideas on how to work with your natural talent to achieve a goal. Even when it seems that a strength and a challenge don’t match up, you’d be surprised what creative solutions can emerge.

Using StrengthsFinder results to address challenges will get you to practical solutions quickly, and the great part is since those solutions are based on your strengths, they should feel relatively natural and easy to accomplish. We can all use more of that!

Join us next week for Making Change Happen With the MBTI. As always, leave comments or questions and let me know what you’re thinking!

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