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Making Change Happen With The MBTI


This month’s blog series is in response to a common question I hear, which usually goes something like this. “Sooo…these personality results are great and all, but what do I actually do with them?” I’m so glad you asked! Last week we talked about how to apply results of the Clifton StrengthsFinder, this week will discuss using the MBTI and next week we will cover Enneagram for change. Check out this video to learn how to use the MBTI for real life challenges:

I promised to do it in the video, so here is my email list signup. For more on using the MBTI for change, read on below….

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To use the MBTI for change, follow this process.

First, (as always) identify the problem. Are you unhappy in your work? Unsure how to engage a problem employee? Frustrated with your lack of progress in an area? Get clear on what the issue is you’d like to address.

Second, evaluate what the situation or environment is asking of you. Are you being required to function as an ENFP, but you are an ISTJ? That is going to cause stress as it isn’t your preference. Get help if you need some clarity about what a particular job or relationship is asking you to be.

Third, consider whether you want to solve the problem by adapting, or by changing the situation to one that is a more natural fit for your style. A good rule of thumb is that you should be functioning 80% out of your natural style, and only required to flex by 20%. If you decide to cut and run, be sure that your next situation is a good fit for your natural style (type)!

Lastly, if you choose to adapt, identify the skills you need to develop to be effective. Are you an accountant that is being required to do sales? Get some training that will help you to skill build in that area. Practice your non dominant preference and the more you do so, the easier it will become.

Using MBTI results for change requires some understanding of the MBTI system as well as the dominant characteristics of the situations you find yourself in. If you are unclear on any of those variables, get with a friend, mentor, or yours truly, and get clarity on what is being expected of you in MBTI language.

Join us next week for Making Change Happen With the Enneagram. As always, leave comments or questions and let me know what you’re thinking!

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