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What is Holding You Back- Having A Plan


This week’s blog is all about one of the four main areas that might be holding you back. The four main things we need to overcome adversity are: Thinking Creatively, Having a Plan, Believing in Yourself, and Moving into Action. This week we will be talking about Having A Plan- when this is especially important and how to make it work best for you.

This step is especially important if you are a free spirit that normally moves through life with high energy and optimism. If so, your strengths are in keeping things moving and enjoying life. If you are naturally talented in dealing with whatever comes your way in the here and now, the natural downside to that is you may not always plan ahead for the future. So if you are feeling stuck, it is likely because your current situation needs some more long term strategic planning than you usually would go for.

Creating a plan doesn’t mean you have to get locked into some tedious and boring to do list. Sometimes people who live solidly in the here and now don’t turn their attention to what they really want long term. Simply considering your priorities and values can serve to give you the direction you may need.

Here’s how to get started with having a plan:

Identify the end goal. Where are you going now? Where do you want to end up? Try working backwards from where you want to be to outline the steps to get there.

Take one step at a time, your way. You can still be your freespirited self- focus on engaging those steps in a way that feels natural to you.

Haven’t taken the test to see which area to focus on first? Try it here.

Join us next week for what is holding you back- Getting Creative. I’d love to hear in the comments or in a message how Having A Plan has helped you overcome a challenge!

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