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What Is Holding You Back- Thinking Creatively


This week’s blog is all about one of the four main areas that might be holding you back. The four main things we need to overcome adversity are: Thinking Creatively, Having a Plan, Believing in Yourself, and Moving into Action. This week we will be talking about Thinking Creatively- when this is especially important and how to make it work best for you.



This step is especially important if you are a principled person that normally moves through life with hard work and consistency. If so, your strengths are in doing the right thing, building a trustworthy community and being the best citizen, parent, spouse that you can be. If you are naturally talented in creating structure and getting things to run smoothly, these strengths are about learning the best way to do something and repeating it. So, if you are feeling stuck, it is likely because your current situation needs you to consider some options that you probably would not even think about as a matter of course.

Thinking Creatively doesn’t mean you have to do something you are uncomfortable with doing. It simply means that considering all possibilities may impact your momentum and trajectory. Sometimes people who live according to a strong set of values don’t actually consider what is best for their own life and this can get you locked into a direction that isn’t right at all. Completely different choices might in fact express those values better than a linear approach.

Here’s how to get started with thinking creatively:

Outline all possible choices no matter how foolish they may seem. Ask advice from people you wouldn’t normally seek out. Consider options that seem frivolous or irresponsible. Make a long list of potential choices you could make.

Evaluate the choices based on new criteria. Instead of thinking about what the “right” thing to do is, consider what you are drawn to. What has energy, positivity, and attraction to it? What makes you feel more alive and in touch with the best parts of yourself? What strikes you as the most healthy and balanced?

Haven’t taken the test to see which area to focus on first? Try it here.

Join us next week for what is holding you back- Believing In Yourself. I’d love to hear in the comments or in a message how Getting Creative has helped you overcome a challenge!

Talk to you soon,


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