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What Is Holding You Back- Believing In Yourself


This week’s blog is all about one of the four main areas that might be holding you back. The four main things we need to overcome adversity are: Thinking Creatively, Having a Plan, Believing in Yourself, and Moving into Action. This week we will be talking about Believing In Yourself- when this is especially important and how to make it work best for you.



This step is especially important if you are a person who lives life with the strong intention to make a difference and give all that you have. Chances are, you spend a great deal of your time and energy encouraging and developing others. Your strengths are in understanding, supporting, motivating and advocating. If your gifts are in pouring out your talent for others, the downside is that you don’t keep enough for yourself. As this becomes a habit, you may believe less and less in your own abilities because you are depleted from giving it all away!

Believing in Yourself is not just an intellectual exercise. Yes it is helpful to identify your strengths, understand what is fulfilling to you and how you impact others. What you need most of all though is to give more of your gift to yourself instead of turning it outward. Sometimes the most understanding, inspiring and giving of us need to treat ourselves in the same manner as we would offer it to someone else.

Here’s how to get started with believing in yourself:

Give yourself love, nurturing and care. You need more of it than others do! Those who have a deep capacity to give to others have a deeper well within them that needs to be renewed. You are constantly sharing from that well within you and it needs to be refilled. Give yourself something today that you think you don’t deserve, is frivolous, or unwarranted. Chances are you legitimately need that support.

Take that next fearful step. You may be nervous to see what you are really made of, but this is what it is all about! Your gift to the world is your heart, determination and inspiration. When you feel depleted, discouraged or overwhelmed, focus on the one next thing directly in front of you and just keep moving.

Haven’t taken the test to see which area to focus on first? Try it here.

Join us next week for what is holding you back- Moving To Action. I’d love to hear in the comments or in a message how Believing In Yourself has helped you overcome a challenge!

Talk to you soon,


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