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What Is Holding You Back- Moving To Action


This week’s blog is all about one of the four main areas that might be holding you back. The four main things we need to overcome adversity are: Thinking Creatively, Having a Plan, Believing in Yourself, and Moving into Action. This week we will be talking about Moving To Action- when this is especially important and how to make it work best for you.



This step is especially important if you are a person who has a strong mind and intellect and approaches life with a eye to improve the systems in the world. Systems may include mechanics or technology but could also be families, companies, plants or animals. Your strengths are in identifying what is wrong and fixing it to improve the entire system. If your gifts are in analyzing and creating ingenious new solutions, the downside is you tend to think there is always more thinking and strategizing to do. Discerning when the time is to pull the trigger and get moving is probably a frequent challenge for you as you have high standards you’d like to meet.

Moving To Action is important for you because as I’m sure you may have experienced at one time or another, a strong mind can lead to analysis paralysis. It is likely you undervalue what can be learned from old fashioned trial and error. Moving from thought to action can provide a whole new source of intelligence.

Here’s how to get started with moving to action:

Release your standards- practice imperfection. When is the right time to move forward? Whatever stage of the project, consider that the answer may be “right now!” Experiment with getting moving before you know what you’re doing or have a process down. Observe how this affects the results as well as your experience of them.

Get into your body. Even though your mental energy is your go-to intelligence, your body has intelligence to share as well. Explore what your physical side may have to offer. In the moment, does instinct take over for you? If you engage your natural reactions instead of going into analysis, what are the results?

Haven’t taken the test to see which area to focus on first? Try it here.

Join us next time for a new series about spiritual development and the Enneagram. Have questions about that or topics you’d like covered? Get in touch, I’d love to hear!

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