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Spiritual Growth for Enneagram 2s


Spiritual growth looks different for different people, so how do you know what works best for you? Read on for personalized tips to grow spiritually for style 2, the Helper. Each week we will cover a different Enneagram style and what they need most.

Heart center exercise: Experience God in the inner world and in your emotions. All heart center styles (2, 3, 4) naturally experience God in the external world. For growth, they need to experience God more fully in the internal world of their emotions. Practice connecting to God through emotion by experiencing that emotion as prayer. For example, instead of praying “God, I’m sad and grieving”, tearfully express your emotion.

Social style exercise: Meditation. 2s are a dutiful social style which means they have a very active busy mind. Clearing, meditating, silence are all great disciplines to create space in the mind. When there is space, spiritual experiences can occur. Where there is only busy activity and racing thoughts, it is difficult to connect with the Divine.

Spiritual discipline: Solitude. 2s benefit from getting alone so they can truly be with their inner experience.

Prayer posture: Love. Hands crossed over the opposite shoulders, open palm.

What other practices might you add to this list? I’d love to hear what is most helpful for you!

Catch us next week for spiritual development for Enneagram 3s.


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