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Nonprofit Series: How To Solicit and Engage Volunteers


Hi and welcome to the Nonprofit series, where I will be addressing topics of particular interest to all sorts of nonprofit organizations such as how to select a board, how to engage volunteers, how to reduce turnover and how to understand your mission.

Today we are discussing how to solicit and engage volunteers.

For many nonprofits, their volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization. Without them, operations become increasingly difficult. Here are my top 2 tips to draw in the best volunteers.

Give them an inspiring mission to connect to. This is your chance to shine- you got into working with this nonprofit because you believe in the work, right? Tell your prospects why this work is so important, and why they should choose to give their time to support your efforts.

Outline clearly what is in it for them. Try to understand what your volunteers are after. Is it experience that they can translate into a related job? Prestige or recognition? Acknowledgment from their company for their service? Socials with other volunteers, or a way to get connected? The simple knowledge that they have done a good work? Your volunteers may be motivated by one or all of these factors. Communicate clearly what the benefits are of volunteering with your organization and make it known that you want to support them, whatever their aims.

What have you found to be especially helpful in finding great volunteers? Leave a comment or send me a message, I’d love to hear.

Join us next week for How To Understand Your Mission (So Others Will Too). See you then.


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