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Nonprofit Series: How To Avoid Burnout


Hi and welcome to the Nonprofit series, where I will be addressing topics of particular interest to all sorts of nonprofit organizations such as how to select a board, how to engage volunteers, how to reduce turnover and how to understand your mission.

Today we are discussing the top 3 ways to avoid burnout.

Make an energy give/energy drain list. It can be difficult to stop the advance of burnout if you aren’t clear about why it is happening. Identify as specifically as possible what is giving you energy and what is stealing it away. This could include work and personal activities, relationships, experiences, etc. Once you have the list you can begin to figure out what adjustments can be made.

Identify what you have control over and where you can make an impact. Many of us have some rather ambiguous parts of our job descriptions, which can be frustrating and leave us unsure if we are really achieving anything. Figure out what actions you can take that will have a positive effect and focus primarily on those tasks.

Find supportive people. This can be easier said than done, but if you  look hard enough supportive people are everywhere. In a best case scenario, this would include your boss and coworkers, a mentor, coach, friend, or advisor. Give time and effort to these relationships and allow yourself to share what you are experiencing. The nonprofit sector often attracts caring and others centered individuals- be sure you are getting the care you need as well, or there will be nothing to give back.

Do you have any particular tips for avoiding burnout? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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