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Making Change Happen With The MBTI


This month’s blog series is in response to a common question I hear, which usually goes something like this. “Sooo…these personality results are great and all, but what do I actually do with them?” I’m so glad you asked! Last week we talked about how to apply results of the Clifton StrengthsFinder, this week will discuss using the MBTI […] Read more…

MBTI Temperaments- NT (Rational)


Who are they? The NT or Rational group is the smallest of the four, and they are the abstract utilitarians. They look at what is behind a set of data and use those principles to find creative solutions. This makes them strategists, engineers, and process minded individuals. They also have the highest average IQ of […] Read more…

MBTI Temperaments- NF (Idealist)


Who are they? The Idealist or NF group is the third largest in the US, and these are abstract cooperative people. This means they look at the meaning behind a set of data, and want to use it to better people and the world. Idealists are true to their name, they want to live out […] Read more…

MBTI Temperaments- SP (Artisan)


Who are they? The SP or Artisan group is the second largest in the US, but even as the second largest they are less than half the size of the SJ (Guardian) group. Artisans are concrete and utilitarian, meaning they look to their world for data about what is real and tangible, and then they […] Read more…

MBTI Temperaments- SJ (Guardian) Video -blog


Watch this video to learn: -What SJs want out of life and relationships -Typical SJ career patterns -How to build connection with SJs -What not to do in relationship with SJs -1 tip for SJs to grow Please let me know what else you would like to know about SJs in the comments, for a […] Read more…

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