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Knowledge is only meaningful when it is shared and used. As your advocate, consultant and coach, it would be my privilege to enhance your work with some of the following knowledge. On my blog, you will find a combination of many of my coaching wisdoms recorded for your free use. I have worked to categorically break-down the various components of my work in the best manner possible.

Please enjoy these tools and I look forward to helping show you how we can incorporate them into an individual or corporate coaching program together!


Relationship Counseling Denver Colorado



“Getting the Love You Want” Series:

“Holiday Stress Survival Tips” Series:


Self Improvement Coach and Counseling Denver Colorado



“Overcoming Fear and Anxiety” Series:

“New Years Resolutions” Series:


Career Counseling Denver Colorado


“Productivity” Series:

“The 7 Career-Fulfillment Killers” Series:


Conscious Spirituality Jan Shegda



Conscious Spirituality Series:


Enneagram Testing




Myers Briggs Testing


Strengths Finder Testing